Cinema stumper: Match the movie with its gory death scene

It seems that humans are rarely more ingenious than when they're devising new ways to torture and kill one another, as detailed in yesterday's post on ancient methods of execution. Except, that is, when they're devising new ways of killing and torturing one another in the movies. Match as many of the following gory death scenes with the movie titles that correspond to them for a virtual high-five, and possibly a virtual talking-to from my mother, who thinks splatter flicks aren't "edifying." (Whatever, Mom.)

1. 47 zombies are liquified by a man wielding a gasoline-powered push-mower.
2. A girl is magically turned into a cockroach, then trapped in a roach motel and crushed.
3. Various people are chewed up by a homicidal laundry-folding machine.
4. A gentleman has his head bitten off by a killer rabbit.
5. An accident-prone character blows up when he tries to ignite his fart.
6. A man ages hundreds of years in ten seconds.
7. Someone is fed into a wood chipper.
8. A lady of the evening has a live chainsaw dropped on her.
9. A clothes iron is pressed against a man's chest, boiling his heart.
10. The gym teacher is bisected by the gym's basketball hoop.
11. A nerd drinks from a radioactive water fountain.
12. A prominent Scientologist actor is propelled by a deactivated atomic bomb over a supply of burning fuel for a helicopter right as it explodes during a train crash.
13. Shot through the glasses by Tsarist troops.
14. A character is decapitated with a sword while speaking. The severed head flies through the air, lands several feet away, finishes the sentence and dies.

After the jump: the films

A. Carrie
B. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
C. Broken Arrow
D. American Psycho
E. Peter Jackson's Brain Dead, AKA Dead/Alive
F. Aguirre, the Wrath of God
G. Class of Nuke 'em High
H. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
I. The Mangler
J. Layer Cake
K. The Battleship Potemkin
L. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
M. Nightmare on Elm Street IV: the Dream Master
N. Fargo

New AI-Driven Music System Analyzes Tracks for Perfect Playlists

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or recovering from a breakup, a well-curated playlist makes all the difference. If you don't have time to pick the perfect songs manually, services that use the AI-driven system Sonic Style may be able to figure out exactly what you have in mind based on your request.

According to Fast Company, Sonic Style is the new music-categorizing service from the media and entertainment data provider Gracenote. There are plenty of music algorithms out there already, but Sonic Style works a little differently. Rather than listing the entire discography of a certain artist under a single genre, the AI analyzes individual tracks. It considers factors like the artist's typical genre and the era the song was recorded in, as well as qualities it can only learn through listening, like tempo and mood. Based on nearly 450 descriptors, it creates a super-accurate "style profile" of the track that makes it easier for listeners to find it when searching for the perfect song to fit an occasion.

Playlists that use data from Sonic Style feel like they were made by a person with a deep knowledge of music rather than a machine. That's thanks to the system's advanced neural network. It also recognizes artists that don't fit neatly into one genre, or that have evolved into a completely different music style over their careers. Any service—including music-streaming platforms and voice-activated assistants—that uses Gracenote's data will be able to take advantage of the new technology.

With AI at your disposal, all you have to do as the listener is decide on a style of music. Here are some ideas to get you started if you want a playlist for productivity.

[h/t Fast Company]

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