Do Red Cars Get Ticketed More?

This is a long standing belief and a question where I would've guessed "yes" but it turns out another myth has been busted by the folks at Snopes.

When asked why red cars would be ticketed more frequently than other colors, here are some common explanations people give:
1) Red cars are brighter and more noticeable, so they draw attention.
2) Red creates an illusion that the car is traveling faster than it really is.
3) Red is a common color for a sports car and someone driving a sports car is more likely to speed.

The third explanation is the one I would've believed. But there doesn't appear to be a study to back this up. And the Snopes editors referenced a survey done by a reporter at the St. Petersburg Times. The results of his survey of 1128 cars and the records of 924 speeding violations showed no significant difference in the percentage of red cars on the road (14%) and the percentage of tickets given to red car owners (16%).

It would be interesting to see this study done on a much larger scale. So, go get that red sports car you've always wanted and when you get your first ticket, blame Snopes, not us.

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