There's no way to justify what these guys did. Or ate.

1. Adolf Hitler
Favorite Dessert:
Eclairs, decorated with little frosted swastikas.
Additionally: Hitler reportedly put seven teaspoons of sugar in each cup of tea, and even added the stuff to wine. He found it too bitter otherwise.

2. Saddam Hussein
Favorite Dessert:
Mars and Bounty bars, and 7-Up.
Additionally: Saddam might have hated America, but he certainly didn't hate its junk food. When he was apprehended in his spider hole, soldiers found a fridge overflowing with the stuff.

3. Napoleon
Favorite dessert:
South African dessert wines. In exile, he drank it by the bottle.
Additionally: The squirrelly French commander's sweet tooth was so famous that it turned his personal pastry chef into a globe-trotting celebrity.

4. Fidel Castro
Favorite Dessert:
Chocolate milkshakes. In fact, the CIA once tried to poison it in one of their over 600 failed attempts to kill the Cuban strongman.
Additionally: Just make sure his shake isn't frozen. When a CIA operative accidentally put the poisoned drink in the freezer, the temperamental dictator dictated a new one.

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