Since Emily Post has yet to compile a space etiquette volume for you, NASA astronauts seem to be picking up the slack. According to New Scientist, experienced space cadets are concerned that fledgling space tourists are going to get on each others' nerves, and squander their opportunity to enjoy the upper atmospheres, so they're providing tips to the newbies. What's on the list? Pretty obvious things like don't stare at the sun (people have burned their retinas trying to photograph it), and don't play with grape juice (if you have to play with your foods, stick to ones that don't stain). But also valuable tips like take plenty of duct tape (it helps with collecting fingernail clippings, and astronauts go through rolls of it), and cut your hair before you fly (people with manes end up spending way too much time trying to dab it dry). To see more, check out the article at New Scientist.