Man. As if figuring out your own stellar Halloween costume wasn't difficult enough, apparently there's a lot of pressure now to help man's best friend(s) get into the act. Yahoo News is reporting Americans are spending more and more dough on Halloween accessories for their pets-- from catnip pumpkins to rawhide greetings cards. But the brunt of the money seems to be coming from costumes. This year PetSmart is reportedly rolling out 6 styles of "cat hats" for the less finicky of your felines, as well as 12 new dog outfits for Fido to parade in. And internet suppliers like Annie's Costumes are making a killing on the market as well. This year, the online retailer expects to sell over 11,000 outfits for your 4-footers! Of course, when you see some of the selection below you can see why. After all, having a warm heart for cold noses doesn't mean you can't laugh at your fuzzy friends every once in a while.