NewScientist, my favorite source for science, is reporting on their inventions blog that MIT scientists have come up with a gel that can be swabbed onto massive wounds to stop the bleeding. Insane! Supposedly, the invention will revolutionize surgeries, particularly in fields like neurosurgery or ophthalmology, where a tiny bit of blood excessive flow can seriously affect patients. According to the site:

"Their work exploits the way certain peptide sequences can be made to self-assemble into mesh-like sheets of "nanofibres" when immersed in salt solutions"¦ When applied to a wound, the peptides form a gel that seals over the wound, without causing harm to any nearby cells.

How it actually stops the bleeding isn't clear just yet, but according to scientist Ellis-Behnke, the solution looks like a "hairy ribbon, but at the nanoscale." Read more about the self-assembling gel here.