The website gets all the attention. It's oozing with pictures of puppies and butterflies dwessed up to look like bunny wabbits. In othe words, it's full of things that generally either make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or leave them retching (depending on their tolerance levels). Of course, not everyone wants to feel all warm and fuzzy inside all the time. There are mornings when it's all drizzly, and grey, and you've overslept, and you just want to revel in other species' undeserved misery. It's on exactly these days that I suggest you turn to UglyOverload "“ Your daily source for ugly animals. Avoiding the "tragic, diseased and maimed, UglyOverload focuses on creatures that are "only as hideous as nature, or their owners, intended." I'm a little surprised that most of these creatures haven't been weeded out by natural selection, but on mornings like this one I'm glad they weren't! Link via ThePresurfer