For some reason, it took me 26 years to develop allergies. I'd never had them before, and then all of a sudden one day, every allergy-related symptom I'd ever heard of (scratchy throat, itchy eyes, clogged sinuses, etc) knocked me out while mowing the grass, and now I can't shake the thing. What's worse is that all the medications seem to leave me completely drowsy. So, I for one couldn't be happier to see New Scientist reporting that allergies might soon be a thing of the past! According to the article, a Biotech firm in Zurich has developed a drug that fools the body into thinking it's been attacked by a common bacteria. This "fake attack" then convinces the body's immune system to concentrate on fighting "the potentially larger threat, rather than producing allergic reactions to less harmful things." And while I don't understand how it works completely, so far, the tests seem pretty miraculous. Preliminary results on 10 people with extreme hay fever showed that the drug eliminated their symptoms completely, and it all seems terrific. Finally, a world where everyone can stop and smell the flowers without any side-effects!