I've seen a lot of stuff over the past few months about Microsoft's new Zune being dubbed the iPod killer, and a David of sorts in training for his debut against the mp3 Goliath. But, honestly, a lot of the stuff had seemed laughable. The design didn't seem that sleek, I'd read an article that said that a Chinese company had beat the Zune to the punch by producing a knock-off before it could launch. And frankly, the name Zune never did for me: It just seemed like a bad science fiction title.
Anyway, all that's to say, I found this article today via TheRawFeed, and realized that the Zune might actually be a contender. It's kind of fascinating to see a) that the Zune charges faster than the iPod, b) that it has peer-to-peer wi-fi connectivity so that c) you can share songs and YouTube style videos with your friends (the system lets you listen to a shared song for 3 days before you have to purchase it). Also, d) Microsoft  has set up a pretty elaborate shop for Zune customers, and made sure that Apple users can't operate one without owning a PC. Oh, and e) the Zune is also apparently better for watching shows since the screen is slightly larger, and can be turned horizontally to watch programs in wide-screen. In any case, it seems like Zune has a chance at shaking Apple's grasp on the market, which means the guy on the left might suddenly start looking a whole lot more attractive.