I stumbled across "The Twisted Films of PES" yesterday, and I was completely mesmerized. PES, or Adam Pesapane as no one calls him, is a stop-motion animator and director who seems to be taking the world by storm. His lovely pieces, which now appear as commercials, are the very definition of viral—things you instantly want to tell your friends about (hence this post!). I first read about his work in this great Print Magazine article, and it's definitely worth reading. In any case, the way PES uses everyday objects like ribbons and plastic clown heads to symbolize explosions, or a paperclip to represent a fluttering moth is pretty unreal. Anyway, start with this 15 second short, and then explore. If you appreciate creativity, I guarantee you'll dig it.

P.S. His slightly lewd film depicting armchairs having roof sex is a) hilarious, and b) won all sorts of awards. Filmed in 3 months, after he'd quit his secretarial job at an ad firm, PES racked up $20,000 in credit card debt. As one of his bosses put it: "He was a lousy secretary and a brilliant filmmaker." This assessment, she admits, is "a little harsh—but so much better than if it had been the other way around."