Speaking of strange art happenings, I saw this on CNN, and was kind of amazed/disturbed. Apparently, 23 Adolf Hitler artworks (including 21 watercolors) were auctioned off yesterday for a total of approximately $220,000. The CNN photo gallery is pretty interesting because it showcases reaction from both sides (people who are rightly outraged by the event, and people who see the works simply as historical artifacts). It also talks about 2 so-called comedians' attempts to disrupt the event, and it states that The Center for Military History in D.C. actually own 4 authentic Hitlers (but keeps them hidden in a locked vault). Crazy.

Of course, the most fascinating thing about the exhibit has to be the art itself. I'd always heard that Hitler had been an aspiring artist, and that he'd been turned down by a prestigious Vienna artschool twice, but I'd never actually seen his work. It's kind of stunning to see that this horrific historical figure took so much pleasure in painting such serene and harmless landscapes. I've posted a few below, but you should definitely check out the CNN gallery to learn more.