I think Punch needs a second opinion

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I've heard of doctors making after-the-fact diagnoses on historical figures like Alexander the Great (there's more about that in our upcoming project, Med School in a Box), but this is just ridiculous:

"The British seaside's most angry man, the notorious Mr. Punch, may have trouble controlling his temper due to a medical condition affecting his growth, a researcher has claimed. David Bryson, teaching fellow at Derby University, thinks Mr. Punch - famed for beating wife Judy with a stick - is so foul-tempered because he suffers from acromegaly, a condition where you make too much growth hormone. ... 'Why does he have a large nose and a prominent chin? What is the reason for the hump on his back and large paunch?' Mr Bryson said."

Next we'll be hearing that Sleeping Beauty was a narcoleptic.

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September 8, 2006 - 6:01am
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