Watercooler Ammo: The Vaughniston engagement

As Gawker pointed out, people will be talking about Jen and Vince at the watercooler today, so no matter what you thought of The Break-Up, you'd best be prepared. We'll provide some Jen-Hearts-Vince trivia after the jump, but what's really worth seeing is the wedding photo! That's right, they were secretly married, and we've got the exclusive!

* Update: Oh no! Gawker says US Weekly might be wrong and there's no engagement! Where on earth could our photo have come from, then? We're so confused.


Here's the promised trivia, but given the celebrity-ness of it, we don't guarantee accuracy:

  • Jen is fascinated by medicine and, if she weren't a bazillionaire, would have wanted to be a doctor. She's also an avid photographer and once had a painting she executed at age 11 displayed in the Met in New York. Vince was president of his high school class. He says he doesn't own a cell phone and doesn't use email.
  • At 5 feet 5 inches, Jen is a full foot shorter than Vince.
  • Vince either got so sick of hearing about Brad that he forbade Jen to talk about him, or laughed it off when Jen mistakenly called him Brad; take your pick.
  • Even after US Weekly announced the scoop, newspapers in Asia were going to press saying that the couple had broken up.
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