Reuters has suspended Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj for turning in the following picture, which features cotton-ball clouds obviously faker than a portrait of Pam Anderson:

Other pictures coming out of Lebanon are also being questioned, including one of Hajj's. We'd like to take this moment to remind people that this stuff happens all the time. After the jump, a gallery of famously bad or otherwise notorious Photoshop jobs perpetrated by the mainstream media -- and hey, send us others that you know about:

OJ_Simpson_Newsweek_TIME.pngThere's something off-color about the Time photo... I just can't figure out what...

Martha Stewart, looking svelte, but not because the jail food was bad -- it's a photo illustration. (Disclosure: I write for Newsweek.)
Winslet-GQ.jpg Kate Winslet, also looking suspiciously sleek -- the mag shrunk her thighs. Harper's Bazaar also gave poor Kate the Photoshop treatment, plopping her head onto the body of a staffer.
richards.jpg If you thought that Martha photo-illo was bad...

geo.jpg It takes faith to move mountains, but only National Geographic can move pyramids -- long before the era of widespread Photoshop, it scooted one to the side so it would fit better on the cover, making this website all the more credible in a "write what you know" sense. (Want this cover? There are two on eBay right now.)
Much thanks to Larry's Face for the last three images.