It's amazing to me how public spaces have been transformed over the past few years. I feel like when I was younger and walking around town, I'd see people and be forced to acknowledge their presence—whether it was with a smile, or a nod, or a "hey, what's up?" But with more and more people using cel phones as they walk, or listening intently to their iPods, everyone seems trapped in their personal spaces while traipsing out in public. Does anyone agree with me? Like everyone is moving without communicating, toting all the security of their personal music libraries and their entire friend groups around with them so they don't have to interact or pay attention to the world around them. Well, perhaps I'm just waxing nostalgic because I spotted these today on the ShinyShiny site. Known as Indicatears, the ridiculous British gadget hooks up to your ears, and, like a personal turn signal, lets you indicate to the people walking around you which direction you're going to turn in! Right now the system only costs about $7.50 US, weighs under 50 grams, and seems ideal if you're part robot. Click here for more details.