In my continued search to bring you things that 10-year old boys are interested in, I present to you the robot suit. Kiss all those gym workouts and strength training regiments goodbye, all you need to do is strap on one of these babies and you're set! The robo-exoskeleton, unfortunately named HAL (Hybrid Assisted Limb), can help wearers lift up to 10 times what they could before, and also aids in mobility. The suit was developed by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai of Cyberdine, Inc, and it sounds incredible. I picked up the following things off their FAQ:

The weight: There's no load to the wearer because HAL's structure supports itself.
How it works: Supposedly, HAL is controlled by detecting nerve signals. The site claims it works using sensors on the skin to determine what task a person is trying to do, and then aids in that task (helping to lift a leg, or arm)
For kids: There's one in development.
Usage: Inventors see it helping out everyone from people with paralysis to rescue workers.
Price: Right now it's looking like a lease structure, where you pay about $13,000 for the suit, and then additionally for maintenance.
In the bathroom: They're still working on figuring that problem out.
Sound too good to be true? Maybe. I got the tip off the NY1 site, and I've seen links from NewScientist, but a man's gotta dream.