In the wake of what is undoubtedly a difficult time for the Presley family, the press seems to be taking a lot of liberties with the headlines about Elvis' demised teddy bear. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, a guard dog at a teddy bear exhibition in London turned on the stuffed animals he was supposed to be protecting, and ripped one of Elvis' old bears to shreds. The bear, named Mabel, was worth over $75,000 and its owner (who bought it auction) is hopping mad. Of course, I'm not sure what makes me grin wider: the ridiculousness of the situation, or the fact that all the newspapers in the country seem to be trying to out-clever each other. Here are just a few of the headlines I've run across today:

Watchdog has teddy shook up
Irish Independent, Ireland

You ain't nothing but a (very bad) hound dog Scotsman, United Kingdom

He ain't nothing but a guard dog who made a meal of Elvis's favourite teddy The Times Online (a little lengthy, but I catch your drift)

Barney Destroys £40,000 Elvis Teddy In Frenzied Jealous Rampage (this wasn't clever, I just thought it was funny that they labeled the dog jealous of the bears)

I just wanna be your teddy bear Lone Star Times, TX (simple, but effective. I like it Lone Star)

Dog Be Cruel, Barney The Sun, UK (I don't really know what this means)

Elvis' teddy bear leaves building the hard way Standard-Speaker, PA (my personal favorite)

If you see any that need my immediate attention, please post them in the comments ASAP!