Here at mental_floss, we're just nerdy enough to celebrate whenever we discover an entertaining anagram. You may remember John's post a while back where he pointed out that Presbyterians is an anagram of Britney Spears. Well, our friend Anu over at Wordsmith has a fantastic list in his Hall of Fame.

Some of my favorites:

Western Union = No Wire Unsent
Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
The centenarians = I can hear ten "tens"
The Meaning of Life = The fine game of nil
The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler (and no, that doesn't apply to mine)

Then you can enter your own name and see the gazillion anagrams your name will make. Among my gazillion, I found "aliens prowl" and "linear plows." Now that's entertainment!