While mental_floss generally likes to leave Hate at the front door (right along side our muddy shoes and wet umbrellas), I stumbled into a hate site this morning that I felt obligated to post about: Ihatecilantro.com. The truth is, I quite like cilantro—whether it's in salsas or daals or Thai food. But I figured, since many of you out there are probably disgusted by the stuff, it could provide for a nice support group. So what goes on at Ihatecilantro.com? As ThisNext blog writes: "Hundreds of members from around the globe convene to vent about the noxious flavor of, to share heart-breaking stories about and to shop for apparel to further express their extreme distaste for this herb." And believe me, there's plenty of apparel: from "I hate cilantro" light switches, to doggie shirts to wall clocks, you'll find the phrase stamped on just about everything. Of course, if you're looking for sympathy from anywhere else around the globe, you can find the same information at Ihatecoriander.com.

Link via ThisNext blog