Engadget has an amazing little blurb on the future of video conferencing, and how it might not be boring?! Believe it or not (and we're saying "believe it"), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization has created a game called Airhockey Over a Distance to "showcase the power of advanced networking." Essentially, you play airhockey on half a table that's propped up against a screen, as does your opponent in Zimbabwe (where air hockey is super popular). The table, however, differs in that it's hooked up with sensors and a fancy puck ejecting system that can track how fast you and your opponent are slapping the puck, and at what angles, to simulate face-to-face game play! Sounds amazing. And while the prototype was really just created to show how computers can be used to create new types of human-to-human interactions, there don't seem to be any plans yet to market the machines. It's a shame, since it sounds like it could be a big hit at our annual company video picnic.