I was reading G4's The Feed blog today (which I highly recommend, by the way), when I saw that G4 was strutting about and patting itself on the back for obtaining the exclusive rights to re-broadcast the brilliant-but-cancelled TV show Arrested Development. (Their less than modest press release reads: "Who Has Arrested Development? WE HAVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.")

Now for those of you who don't know G4, it's a cable channel that slants towards gamers and tech junkies, and it deserves more attention, so I thought, "good for G4!" After all, Arrested Development is a terrific show, G4's a terrific channel, so it's a match made in nerdy heaven. That is, until I saw that noted dream-killer Microsoft has burst the little station's bubble. According to BusinessWeek, the media giant is airing the show online FOR FREE through its MSN Video Service. Sorry G4! Oh well, at least the move edges Microsoft a little more toward cool.