Back in my old New York apartment, whenever my roommate would jump on the bed, begin shrieking, and start dropping books on the floor, I knew exactly what the sound meant: a spider had infiltrated the house. Today, however, arachnophobes and dreaded bug-fearers the world over can breathe a deep sigh of relief: Eurocosm is featuring the greatest bug-catching device on the market, the Spider Catcher! The device works by simply squeezing a handle to open and close the bristles delicately around a spider's body (so you can release Charlotte back to the garden after). The site claims The Catcher is even gentle enough to capture butterflies and moths without harming their wings. Of course, that plus the fact that you'll never have to deal with spider stains on walls again, is worth the price. And if that doesn't sway you, get this: "the Prince of Wales was so impressed with Spider Catcher, that he sent a letter congratulating its inventor, Tony Allen, on his idea." Sounds pretty convincing to me.

electroswat-4-1.jpgOh, and don't forget to check out Eurocosm's other amazing bug-catching devices (an Electric Venus Fly Trap, and an Electric Tennis Racket-looking thing that electrocutes flies with a forehand). Link via ThisNextBlog