If you're bored out of your gourd scrubbing your mouth out with the same old Crest and Colgate flavors (mild mint, strong mint, x-treme mint, peppermint, vanilla mint"¦ what sort of mint will they dream up with next?), Japanese company Breath Palette has got your solution. Dead set on spicing up your morning hygiene ritual, the company has created a 31-flavor toothpaste sample set (which will set you back about $160 at Neiman Marcus—no one said this was going to be cheap). So, what's included in the mix? Flavors range from Pineapple and Monkey Banana to Fresh Yogurt to Pumpkin Pudding to Indian Curry. Of course, none of these seem as exciting/confusing as the discarded kimchi, crab and beer flavors. And while various "palettes" definitely remind me of Bertie Bott's flavored jellybeans from the Harry Potter books, the notion is pretty innovative. As spokesperson Ikuko Kuroki told ReadyMade magazine, "Flavors were selected under the concept of changing your breath every day, like you change your accessories." As much as I love curry, though, I think I'm going to choose not to accessorize with it. For a complete list of flavors (and ordering info) click here.