CNN has an interesting piece today on how we might be able to recycle all those piles of junkyard tires: by turning them into sidewalks! While rubber squares are three times more expensive than concrete, according to the article they won't crack from tree roots or weather,  fewer people will trip on uneven edges, and the bouncier substances will result in softer falls when kids and the elderly do take a spill. They also last a heck of a lot longer than concrete. Even more amazingly, the shock absorbing are easier on joggers' joints, leaving runners with fewer injuries. With 290 million tires being thrown out every year, this sidewalk idea seems like a pretty rosy solution. Of course, even if cities choose to make the switch, it won't scream the end for concrete. After all, Walk of Fames won't be asking celebrities to dip their hands in rubber to leave prints any time soon.