I for one love camping, but hate, hate, hate putting up tents. (I'd give it 3 hates on a scale of 1 to 4.) Anyway, despite my resenting the activity immensely, I somehow always find myself trying to set up camps alone and then end up tangled in tarps, pegs and strings. In any case, I saw this amazing tent on Kevin Kelley's Cool Tools site, and I think all my prayers have been answered. While the tent from Decathalon is a little heavy for hiking (it weighs in at about 7 pounds), once you're ready to sleep all you just have to do is (get this) toss it into the air, and it springs open! In my estimation, the only thing that could make the tent better is if you get it to spring out of a metal tin labeled peanuts. As for price, the 2-second tent runs for $70 and is available here.