If you thought the unholy alliances between McDonald's & Monopoly, Lord of the Rings & Monopoly and Disney Princesses & Monopoly were terrifying (see horrific pictures above), check out the latest incarnation of the indefatigable board game. Sky.com is reporting that Visa and Parker Brothers have joined forces and eliminated all the paper money from a new version of the game. Instead of counting bills, players will use plastic in the form of mock Visa debit cards to keep track of their funds (apparently, Monopoly's not yet set up to take MasterCard or American Express).

1430404.jpgSpokesman Chris Weatherhead is quoted saying, "The new electronic Monopoly reflects the changing nature of society and the advancement of technology." That said, there's no word on whether certain changes in society (like, say, identity theft and overdraft fees) play any role in the new game.
Link via TheRawFeed