According to UPI reports, this summer's massive drought has spurred public officials in Lubbock, Texas to plead their case to a higher authority "“ you guessed it, they're taking their case to God! In fact, town officials have decided to petition the Big Man with numbers by organizing a massive community prayer. Mayor David Miller, the City Council and the Lubbock County commissioners "are expected to adopt resolutions this week asking local residents to both pray and fast" with them for heavenly showers next Sunday. And while there's no word on whether Phase II of the plan will involve any sort of ark construction or animal round-up, officials claim that this tactic has worked pretty well for them in the past. According to town locals, Lubbock found themselves in a similar pickle back in 2004, prayed on it, and got the second-wettest season on the books.

SO902iwp_2.jpgOf course, with all this impending rain coming their way, I did want to clue the folks of Lubbock in on a new gizmo that might come in handy. PopGadget has a write-up today about a new Sony Ericsson water-proof phone, fit to handle Poseidon's wrath. And while the mp3 player and the 1.3 mega-pixel are nice touches, the best part about it is that swimmers, scuba divers, and residents of Lubbock can all receive their calls underwater.