According to the ever-fantastic MIT Technology Review, Hewlett-Packard has just created a wireless chip, which is half the size of a grain of rice, that can hold up to 4 megabits of information. If you're anything like me, and numbers mean nothing to you, that's equal to a couple of minutes of audio files, short video clips, or even hundreds of pages of text. Insanity! Even crazier is the fact that the chip, dubbed the Memory Spot, has a tiny antenna to transmit the information wirelessly, doesn't use a battery, and could eventually be sold for less than a $1. Of course, the possibilities are infinite. From attaching the tiny chips to pages in a text book and allowing students to watch explanatory videos from their tomes, to being placed in hospital wristbands to relay patient history to doctors and nurses more efficiently, the chip seems destined to play an exciting role in our future. Read more here at the Review.