If you're a freak for desktop graphics and computer symbols (like I am!), then you absolutely need to get your hands on Tim Elverston's new Cursor Kite. That's right, the pics above aren't the work of a Photoshop hack, but instead an actual flyable kite fitted with "invisible fittings, quad-line control and opposed-bow tensioning to allow the asymmetrical shape" to soar with the best of "˜em. And while I have no doubt that the things could come in extremely useful (say, for pointing out where a bathroom is to a friend, or making it really easy for your family to spot you), this is just the first in a series of OS inspired kites that'll hit the scene from WildFire Designs. I'm curious as to what other wingdings and dingbats they'll choose to make kites out of. Of course, my only disappointment with the current product is that the kite doesn't turn into an hourglass symbol while you're waiting for better winds.
Link via OhGizmo