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According to BoingBoing, has been threatened with a lawsuit from the American Humane Society for choosing to hawk subscriptions to two cockfighting magazines on their site: The Gamecock (currently the world's #1 cockfighting magazine) and The Feathered Warrior.

While I'm definitely curious about the content provided in these magazines (supposedly they're about rooster grooming and maintenance), and I'm disgusted by the "sport," I do love the name The Feathered Warrior. The staff used to keep a running list of great-titled magazine names: Nuts and Volts, Bread Pudding Magazine, Pro BullRider and The Varmint Hunter (which has sadly been rechristened Predator X-treme much to the dismay of our office). Anyway, if you have any favorites we should know about, do let us know! We're always curious about our newsstand competition.

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July 21, 2006 - 8:48am
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