How is it that I've never stumbled across The Tattooed Banana site before? Billed as the only website "dedicated to the emerging appreciation for banana art," the site is chock-full of potassium, vitamin C, and hilarious art involving my favorite of the yellow fruits (sorry lemons!). My favorites from the page include an ultrasound of a pregnant banana (carrying a baby banana in tow), and the fake i-Pod baNano pictured here.

Of course, what I did notice was lacking from the site was a whole bunch of banana facts, so I'm including some from our latest magazine (from the one-pager "19 Essential Talking Points for the Banana Enthusiast").

  • Talking Point#3: On average, Americans consume 30 pounds of banana a year.
  • Talking Point #6: Woody Allen reportedly only named his movie "Bananas" because "there are no bananas in it."
  • Talking Point #12: The next time you're at a sports bar, lay off the Budweiser and ask the bartender if there's any Banana Wine on tap. Despite the fancy-pants name, this East African booze definitely doesn't need a corkscrew. The banana booze tastes more like beer than anything from Grandma's cellar.
  • Talking Point #19: As a kid, Lucille Ball was fired from a drugstore for forgetting to put bananas in the banana split.

Tattooed Banana link (via ShinyShiny)