I've posted a couple times on obesity in America so I thought I'd continue by sharing some fast food facts I read in flipping through Paul Grobman's Vital Statistics:

  • Odds that an American eats at a fast-food restaurant on any given day: 1 in 4
  • Odds that an American kid eats at a McDonald's in any given month: 9 in 10
  • Number of hamburgers the average American consumes each week: 3
  • First fast-food chain: White Castle (1921 - first one opened in Wichita, Kansas)
  • Year McDonald's first allowed women to work in its restaurants: 1968 (McDonald's previously had an unwritten rule preventing women from working in the chain because of the fear that female employees would lead to men lingering in the parking lots. And despite the fact that the first female employee was a preacher's wife, executives at the corporate office threatened to shut down the franchise unless the Indiana restaurant fired her. The company finally gave in and began allowing female employees.)
  • Year the term "fast food" was introduced: 1951
  • Year McDonald's sold its one billionth burger: 1963
  • Year McDonald's sold its 50-billionth burger: 1984