Yahoo News is reporting that a 12-foot Burmese Python named Houdini screwed up a magic trick when he tried to make his electric blanket disappear. The python, who decided to gulp down the blanket as a main course, needed emergency surgery to have it removed (apparently, the Heimlich doesn't have much of an effect on snakes). What was amazing to me in reading the article was:

a) it took Houdini 6 hours to get the queen-sized blanket into his belly

b) the surgery to remove the blanket needed an 18-inch incision

c) the two veterinarians operating on the creature had never performed surgery on a snake and did it after taking advice from other vets over the phone, and

d) that the snake appears to be recovering just fine!

Although, if you ask me, the owner was begging for a disaster. If you give a security blanket to a python to squeeze, you should expect that he'll want to take a nibble out of habit.