Beer drinkers have been dreaming about self-cooling cans for years now. And it looks like they're finally going to get what they've been begging for - a can that drops a beer's temperature by 30 degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes! Tempra Technology has partnered with Crown Holdings, one of the biggest beverage-can producers in the world, to make this amazing can available in the coming months.


This isn't the first time a self-cooling can has been released, but the first one, the Chill Can, was shot down by the EPA because it released ozone-depleting gases each time it was activated. Tempra's new I.C. Can (stands for Instant Cool) works much differently and is environmentally safe. The July issue of Business 2.0 explains how it works:

Twisting the can's base pierces a foil seal separating a cylinder of watery gel from a vacuum chamber. Like a refrigerator pump, the gel pulls heat from the beer into the base, where it's trapped in a heat sink.

The I.C. Can will certainly make a can of beer a bit more expensive at first (about $2 per can) but the price should drop pretty quickly and I'm guessing there are plenty of beachgoers and tailgaters who will gladly pay the extra cents for this amazing science project in a can. It's great that they're willing to pay a bit more to support science, right?