It seems like every day there's a headline about an attempt at a Guinness World Record. Last week, 53 surfers in Bali broke the record for most people to surf a single wave. This week in New Zealand there will be an attempt to create the largest bra chain (they'll need to beat the existing record of 114,782). And I just read today that some German bakers made a cake that was 33 feet in diameter (requiring more than 5600 eggs).

Reading about all these records brought back memories of my obsession with the Guinness Book as a child. So I decided to pick up a copy today and flip through it. And I remembered why the book was so much fun to read - because every kid who looks through it realizes he could come up with some ridiculous record and end up in the same book as the world's fastest human or some other amazing record-holder.

If you're considering an attempt at a Guinness record, I'd suggest staying away from sports and learning from these folks in the food category:

* Most Smarties eaten with chopsticks in 3 minutes - 138 by Kathryn Ratcliffe (she broke her own record of 112, by the way)

* Most eggs crushed with wrist - 13 in 30 seconds by K.S. Raghavendra

* Farthest marshmallow nose-blow - 16 ft 3.5 inches by Scott Jeckel.

Okay, so that last one's actually impressive.