In all the hubbub over Roger Federer's 4-in-a-row win streak at Wimbledon, a far more newsworthy story was overshadowed. CNN is reporting that this is the 9th year in a row that Arkansas native Del Hampton has won the Wayne, Nebraska Chicken Show Cluck-off. Del has perfected the art of scratching, pecking, clucking and then producing a spring-loaded fake egg the size of a watermelon. And while nothing should distract the spotlight from his special moment, I did become curious as to why Wayne, Nebraska has an annual chicken show. Initially, I assumed it was because there were a lot of farmers in the area, or because it was the poultry capital of the mid-west or something, but upon inspecting the website, I realized just how wrong I was. The event was actually founded in 1981 by the Wayne Regional Arts Council. The website goes on to say:

"The theme of "chickens" was chosen because of 1) the potential for art materials; 2) most people have knowledge and familiarity with chickens; and, 3) chickens can be considered with humor."

As someone who has both knowledge and familiarity with chicken-kind, I'm thrilled to learn of the event's existence.