Two of my favorite historical events have occurred in Prague. I love reading about the Velvet Revolution, just because I think it's amazing that Vaclav Havel and his playwright cronies managed to sweep away communism in a completely bloodless coup. I also love the Defenestration of Prague, not only because defenestration is a GREAT word (to defenestrate means specifically to throw out of a window), but also because according to Britannica, when Czech Protestants threw three officials out of a council room window for hampering their rights in 1618, none of the three suffered any serious injuries.

Anyway, with all that great history, it's no wonder that my new favorite museum is opening up in Prague: The Museum of Communism. And while there will certainly be some disturbing exhibits within, the curators seem to be running a pretty light-hearted campaign. Taglines for the institute include "Pray we don't catch you at another museum", "Cash, credit cards and blatant back-handed bribes accepted at our gift shop," and my personal favorite, the ad pictured here.