a) They both lean to the right (ants' left legs are markedly shorter than their right ones)
b) They both hate magnifying glasses
c) They both use pedometers

If you said c) they both use pedometers, you're right! New Scientist magazine is reporting today that ants have an internal system that counts exactly how many steps they take, and probably "resets" when they get back to their nests. The phenomenon, in conjunction with previous studies that claimed ants use the position of the sun as a compass, helps clear up how the insects can remember their tracks and find their way home. The research is also pretty fascinating because when the legs of the ants were shortened by scientists, it threw off their internal meters, and they found themselves completely lost.

But back to Rummy: for those of you who don't pay attention to his fitness regimen, the man wears a pedometer, and tries to walk 10,000 steps every single day. There's no word on whether he bounces to the National Review's Top 40 Conservative Rock songs as he's exercising, but I'm guessing he doesn't.