While thumbing through the new issue of Wired magazine, I was amazed to see all the gadgets that are available to help hobbyist fishermen catch dinner. While any of this equipment would have made Santiago's life a whole lot easier in The Old Man and the Sea (and also probably have pissed off Hemingway), my favorite of the devices is a $699 fish caller you use to make your bait more enticing. You simply dangle the Fish Activator electronic speaker system under your boat, and choose one of the digitally mastered tracks to attract prey. So, what are some of the hit singles fishermen will be blaring from their underwater systems? Choices include the swinging sounds of "Distressed Bait" and "Shad Clicks." The calls were all developed, recorded and tested in a 957-gallon tank by scientists at Biosonix Systems in Louisiana. Of course, the notion of referring to electronic-aided fishing as a "sport" is debatable. Picking up a fish and fighting off the lines at the grocery store almost seems like the harder chore.