Continuing on today's trend of posting on all things Pimp, I found these amazing sneakers on the Dada site, via PopGadget. Quite frankly, I'm not a "shoes guy" so I don't have the best eye for fashion, but for just $199 you can get your hands (or feet) into these multitasking silver trainers which double as MP3 players! Sounds like a steal to me. The shoes, which were designed to be used while exercising (they come with hands-free wireless headphones), also have speakers on the side in case you want to "kick it" with your friends. Of course, Dada isn't stopping there. Plans for future shoe lines include integrating cel phones, GPS and potentially video games technology into the system, all to make exercising more fun and/or convenient. On the downside, however, they don't look like they'll be very helpful in getting through metal detectors.