While my use of Spirographs and Paint-by-Numbers kits have certainly hinted at my artistic genius over the years, I never realized I was so talented until I began playing with the online Jackson Pollock simulator.

After using it for about an hour yesterday before bed, and then another hour after I woke up, I've come to realize some minor problems with the j-Po simulator:

  1. you can't vary the textures—"˜Jack the Dripper" used everything from trowels and sticks to sand and broken glass to paint on his enormous canvas. He even used tire tread marks, driving bicycles over the canvas, and those lack of features slightly dulled the J.P. experience for me (I'm crossing my fingers for the upgrade)
  2. the canvas is far too small to contain your genius. Pollock's canvases were enormous, and my 14 inch screen just isn't doing it.
  3. there's no easy way to print the pics, or put them straight up for sale at eBay. Or even at K-Mart (which according to this separate, and bizarre article, is selling off some of the original Picasso's and Ming vases it bought back in the 1970s).

Over all, I'd give it 4 out of 5 drips, and highly recommend your wasting time there immediately.