Mexico is just a few weeks away from electing a new president and the race is getting more heated every day. The two leaders are leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and conservative candidate Felipe Calderon. The LA Times explains:

With Mexican voters more polarized between rich and poor than at any time since the 1910 revolution, there's talk that the United States' most populous neighbor — and the main source of its legal and illegal immigration — could descend into political anarchy and economic crisis in the hours after election night.

Check out the Times article for more important info but if you're interested in the absurd elements of the election, then keep reading. Here's a funny Reuters article about the campaign ads and publicity stunts the various candidates are resorting to.

One of my favorite notes:

Probably the oddest campaign moment yet is a TV ad by third-place candidate Roberto Madrazo showing a criminal wetting his pants out of fear for Madrazo's tough stance on crime.