Alex died on this day in 323 B.C. We've got lots of interesting bits on Alex in our new Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets book. Here are a couple you probably haven't heard:

In all likelihood, Alexander's tomb does not contain Alex himself. The emporer Ptolemy took Alexander's body and brought it to Alexandria, where it was on display for a long time. But the body was lost and its current whereabouts is unknown. Don't you just hate it when you misplace a body?

Ever wonder where Ty Cobb got his name? Me neither. But it's an interesting bit. Apparently Ty's dad, W.H. Cobb, was a state senator and an armchair historian. And after reading about Alexander's attack on the city of Tyre and the Phoenicians' tenacity as they faced Alex, Cobb decided to give his son the unusual name Tyrus. Ty would go on to become every bit as fierce and nasty as the citizens of Tyre.