I've seen this home-made iPod charger all over the place today (I first saw it posted at Popgadget). And while the idea of being able to charge your iPod on the go with a couple of batteries is pretty darn appealing, I was even more fascinated by the inventor. A former MIT grad student, Limor Fried designed the thing, but amongst her other brilliant inventions is a totally illegal cellphone jammer (it was part of her thesis)! The idea is simply that when you're sitting next to an annoying Chatty Kathy, you can press the gadget and it'll deny cell phone service to the offender. How's it work? The DIY gizmo blasts junk RF signals into the area, which in turn disrupts the cell phone communication. Amazingly, the thing is small enough to fit in your pocket, and works from about 6 feet away.