Disney-Pixar hit another homerun over the weekend weekend with the opening of "Cars." Can a cartoon about cars really be that good? The animated flick was #1 with $62 million. And as Pixar churns out success after success, I'd assumed that these movies have become easy to create because of computer animation. I was pretty suprised to read the following on IMDB:

 The film's animators drew up over 43,000 sketches for designs of the cars.

Even with a network of processors that ran four times faster than the ones on "The Incredibles" (2004) each frame of "Cars" took an average of 17 hours to render.

Some free advice to Kevin Costner: To end your streak of bad box office #s, try to read for a Pixar film.

Some free advice for Pixar: To maintain your streak of great box office #s, don't hire Kevin Costner.

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