Forget all those romanticized notions you have of life in the good old days. According to this article in New Scientist magazine (titled "Muggings Were Rife in New Stone Age") there's evidence that people living between 4000 and 3200 BCE in Neolithic Britain didn't have it nearly as good as that filthy Flintstones propaganda would have you believe. In fact, the study reports that not only was the era considerably more violent than previously thought, but on the Mean Streets of Neolithic England "Britons had a 1 in 14 chance of being bashed in the head." Worse still, they had a 1 in 50 chance of dying from the walk-by bashings.

In an admittedly bad segue, Grok and all his buddies might have fared better had they had access to the new Electric Cinderella Shoe. Designed as part of Simona Brusa Pasque's thesis project, the "stunning" shoes work like a taser, and can deliver100,000 volts of jolt to attackers when activated by a special necklace. Read all about it here, via ShinyShiny