For the last few years, we've read story after story about the potential benefits of green tea. And if you Google "benefits of green tea," there's no shortage of companies telling you why you should drink it and do plenty of other things with it. Which is why I'm actually soaking in a tub of the stuff as I write this. Pretty soon the green tea market will hit $1 billion annually. Crazy. Newsweek did an interesting bit last fall on how the craze got started. It's amazing how this Starbucks-led fad continues to grow despite the fact that the FDA keeps coming out with statements saying there's really not enough evidence to prove most of the health benefits. Another statement came out just this week rejecting a company's attempt to claim that green tea helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. But I've got good news. For a few years I've watched Mangesh survive on french fries and green tea. Well Mangesh is a pretty healthy guy. And we know french fries are only kind of good for you so it must be the green tea. I think I'll call the FDA today and suggest they check him out. Maybe I'll just wait for their report on Hulk Hogan's new drink.