What a strange coincidence that there seems to be a strong correlation between days when big soccer games are scheduled and an increase in sick days for soccer fans. There's actually a Dutch insurance company offering a policy to employers because they're predicting a huge number of "sick" days used by employees during this year's World Cup. Check this out. I looked into it and we at mental_floss LLC are not covered by this policy.

I was trying to find some numbers on how many people watch the World Cup and some estimates put the viewership for the 2002 championship match at over 1 billion! It's hard for me to believe that more than 10% of the earth's population tuned in (and will be tuning in again next month) but even if that number is inflated, it's still by far the biggest sporting event in the world, with possibly 10 times the viewership of the Super Bowl.

Pop Quiz: What does FIFA, as in FIFA World Cup, stand for? Answer:  Fédération Internationale de Football Association