The new issue of mental_floss (May/June) has an article about the bizarre history of 3rd-party politics. And one of the parties we highlight in there is the short-lived American Vegetarian Party. As we pointed out in the article, the party was formed in 1947 by 84-year-old restaurant owner John Maxwell. In addition to promoting vegetarianism, they also campaigned against liquor, tobacco and medicine?!?! It's not any surprise that they didn't exactly win the hearts of Americans. But even if they had, their candidate could not have legally taken office. Why? Because Maxwell was born in England, making him ineligible. Brilliant, eh? Well the party may have died but vegetarians seem to be thinking a little smarter these days as PETA recently announced a World's Sexiest Vegetarian competition. I have a feeling Natalie Portman, the frontrunner at this point, might get a few more votes. Oh wait, she's a little young. Either way, check out the article on page 51 of the new issue b/c it's got some other funny stories.