I saw this skull for sale, via Neatorama... Admittedly, I'm pretty naive about body modifications in different cultures. My knowledge of foot binding and lip plates, for instance, is completely limited to what I've seen flipping through National Geographics as a kid (or flipping through cultural anthropology textbooks as a major). Still, I'd never heard ANYTHING about skull binding.  According to the website, skull binding dates back about 9,000 years (this particular skull is from Peru) and was actually the first body modification done by man. Who knew? Apparently, people would bind infants skulls to a flat piece of wood to mold the skull as aesthetically desired. Pretty crazy, eh?

Will, you liked the Coneheads, right? I don't want to peer pressure you or anything, but this seems like the perfect way to make sure your newborn lands a role as an extra when they finally get around to making a sequel.